Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cornichon sheds no tears

Cornichon is a spiffy little spot on Grand Street in Williamsburg that I've been meaning to try for a while. Grand Street is like, my favorite street, so it is important to stay informed. It's a "wine-bar and cafe" that has been there for about a year now, nestled among such Grand legends as Trash Bar, Lodge, and, of course, Fuggedaboutit.

They don't really seem to be pushing the whole restaurant thing, as the table situation isn't really optimal for dining and also no one else was really doing that. The bar is pretty much the prominent thing when you walk in, and it's nice, because wine bottles are just pretty. The decor is tasteful: refined but casual, with low lighting and plenty of candles. Perfect for a romantic dinner between Kendall and me.

And dinner we ate. Some bread came first, which is always exciting, but it wasn't anything special as far as bread is concerned. I got the Cabernet and K got the Pinot Noir; 7 dollars and 6 dollars, respectively (because I am just that much more classy).

And then there was brie. Though it is a bit of a shame that we both ordered the same thing, I can rest easy knowing that my dear friend got to enjoy this plate of pure delicious that is the Brie Presse as much as I did. It was so effing good. Melted brie, sliced green apple, and arugula on a baguette is a glorious idea, it turns out. The brie is, you know, salty and creamy and perfect, and then all of a sudden you get a crisp bite of oh so sweet green apple on top of it and all is right in your mouth. The arugula was just kind of a textural bonus that also added some bitter to the mix, unobtrusively hugging the sammy.

I really wish I was eating this right now.

It was 11 dollars, which is entirely reasonable, as is the rest of the menu. They have soup and cheese and tapas and salads, and also actual entrees! But the most expensive thing is only 15 bucks. Oh and there is also a 12 dollar brunch that includes a mimosa. Not bad (although I can't imagine being so tantalizingly close to Lodge brunch).

MMMMMMuch recommended; check it out!

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