Saturday, December 20, 2008

Art of the 'choke

It has hung in the kitchen of every apartment I've lived in, a constant reminder of a) artichokes and b) my innate artistic ability. Once, it also served as a home to a large family roaches, which I learned as I took it down to pack while moving out and then proceeded to drop before screaming, fleeing the apartment, and refusing to go back in for a very long time. My artichoke picture has seen me through countless kitchen adventures, just as SPF is sure to do.


Queen of Cuisine said...

For my internship two summers ago I stayed in this really gross, dank basement of a bed and breakfast (don't ask) for the entire time, and there was a really random faded poster of assorted vegetables in a banged up old frame in our kitchen. It was pretty unattractive and it used to fall off and hit us all the time because it was attached by only a wire to a nail. We took a picture of the poster, and that picture is now displayed on our refrigerator in New York. So I guess I understand the artichoke portrait story pretty well.

bbq said...

I like the picture and had forgotten all about it. This is my first comment and I am glad its not about a food experience. I'm not really sure what to say about another persons dining experience. The whole concept needs to settle in before I can decide to stay a follower here, this may take some time. I think this food blog is quite possibly dangerous and I do not trust it. That being said the drawing is lovely and I think you should think about framing it to hang in your present and future kitchens.