Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby take a ride in my soup

We all get sick. Or at least hungover enough to lay on the couch all day complaining about being sick in our best lazyvoice. Whatever. The important thing is to not let said situation inhibit our sweet potato friendships.

So let's make some chicken soup!

We thought we had some turkey bones left over from thanksgiving to use for the stock, but apparently roommates throw things like that away after a while. Therefore, we cooked a chicken.

Let's see; we chopped up some celery, carrots, onions, thyme, plus those shallots we found in fridge (thanks K!) and stuffed 'em in the chicken along with some smashed potatoes (sweet only with love), which we cooked in a big pot, natch.

After the chicken-cooking portion, the bones, carcass, and other assorted grosseties can go into the pot in which the chicken was braised, brought to a simmer and held for a long time so that the mmmarrow gets released into the broth. Add the rest of the mirepoix along with some potato chunks and seasoning. SALT.

We let it chill out on the stove for long time, watched some football because I was too exhausted to force the Gilmore Girls option, spooned out the bones, and ate some delicious chicken soup! I still have a bunch leftover in the fridge at work!

Props to jc, who is the other and primary part of this "we," seeing as I pretty much slept through most of the process.

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k said...

damn i want my shallots back.

yay spf!