Monday, December 15, 2008

lazy days full of food!

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yesterday, in the spirit of overcoming the winter blues, mwr and i decided to venture to williamsburg for lunch (or as people in newyorkcity inexplicably call it, "brunch"). while there are definitely places that i've been meaning to try and haven't (relish, egg, etc.), yesterday was more of a familiar-restaurant kind of day. it was a roebling tea room kind of day.

walking in was a little upsetting, because i've never seen the place so crowded. the wait was about 20 minutes, so instead of standing inside, we went across the street to get mwr a macchiato from oslo. the girl managing the wait list was really on top of things and it wasn't long after we returned that we were seated in at a lovely table near the window.

now, RTR is kind of a weird place. maybe it's the walls covered in equestrian (i guess?) wallpaper, or the too-cool-for-you waitstaff, or the fact that the bar is in the middle of the restaurant, or the fact that they call the bathrooms WCs even though this isn't europe. but it also has a lot of crazy ass comfort food, lazy dim lighting, and a unique drink list.

i pretty much always order the salads here. i always want the drunk beans (sour cream, polenta, cheese, salsa roja & egg..mmmmmmmmmmmm), but i've never had them because the salads sound so great. yesterday i had the "arugula etc.", which was a nice pile of arugula, pears, walnuts, SOME REALLY SUPER GORGONZOLA, and a thin coating of some sort of honey dressing. it was really nice, and exactly what i needed so that i didn't get too full right before making sweet potato panang curry.

i also imbibed a bit... i had a mimosa, which wasn't anything special, and a rock shandy, which was something special. i can't really remember everything that was in it... but i think was vodka, lime juice, and bitters. oh god it was good. i really want to try to make it since it's so simple, but it was pretty reasonably priced at $7 (or maybe $6, i'm not sure).

i left feeling lazy, unproductive, and ready to hunker, which is really how all sunday lunches should go.


CaseyMustPie said...

Egg is good, but the wait is usually long. This is okay, though, because you get to write your name on a piece of paper taped to the wall outside!

Queen of Cuisine said...

I'm jealous of your restaurants, Brooklynites.


k said...

i am jealous of your restaurants, queenite. omg is your name also supposed to imply that you live in queens? stop blowing my mind erin.

Queen of Cuisine said...

YEAH! I'm really sly like that, huh? Also, may I just say WATAWA?