Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Fest 2008

Yesterday, k & p hosted a lovely little gathering at their place, in honor of the season that is descending upon us (with a healthy helping of snow and slipperiness). As we have come to expect from festivities at the shanty, Winter Fest abounded with good people, good (nineties) music, and good food.

I arrived about two or three hours before anyone else, because I'm really good at being a guest, and because rumor had it that there would be brunch for us earlies. YAY. The brunch menu consisted of home fries, scrambled eggs, onion bagels with cream cheese, and bloodies (or screwdrivers, for those with less refined tastes). This was all fantastic, and perfect preparation for what was in store.

As more guests trickled in, the food supply increased at an overwhelming rate. mwr brought orange chocolate chip cookies, which were just like chocolate cookies (awesome), with a bonus. QoC also served a cookie dish, but her butter logs jams were a totally different while equally delicious cookie beast.

After we were suitably filled up on dessert, k & mwr jumped into the sweet potato panang preparation. This was probably the most aromatically pleasant part of WF, not counting k & p's fabulous selection of Yankee Candles.

While the SPP was busy turning into something delicious, we snacked on my spinach-artichoke dip with pita chips, which turned out pretty good, right? I hadn't made it before but was intent on finding a recipe that did not involve mayonaise, so I'm happy with that.

The other appetizer of the dunch menu was k's tempeh hot wings. The SPF gang assembled in the kitchen to bring these to life together, coating them with copious breadcrumbs and very hot sauce. These were little too spicy for me, since I am a pussy, but otherwise a hit.

Finally, we ate the sweet potato panang (job well done, kids), played games, sang songs, and accepted the fact that winter has come to suck away whatever souls and sanity we have been able to cling to through the warmer months in the city.

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Queen of Cuisine said...

Wow, this made me really happy and full of SPF and Winter Fest love.

Copious bread crumbs, Yankee Candles, bloodies, dunch, sweet potato panang curry, nineties music, spinach-artichoke dip, assorted cookies...who could ask for anything more? Well done on the post, C.

Other highlights: jumping up and down for no reason, "Ring of Fire," and phone calls that involve inexplicably putting the cell phone in front of computer speakers for several minutes.