Thursday, December 18, 2008

A place to be regulars

mwr here at the Stoop with Casey. You may not know this, but we have lunches on Thursdays. You might even call us lunch buddies. It's a tricky situation really because we've only got an hour and it's around Union Square which is full of eateries, but none that are really good for lunch (inexpensive, fast, delicious). Cosi is creepy, all of the asian is too sweet (except the spice indian place which ... well let's keep our posts on topic), there is no ambiance at the whole foods, and daily bread, though wonderful, is priced for people who live in Manhattan rather than those of us who just work there. This has all changed, though, when we discovered Silver Spur last week.

SS is a cozy diner dabbled with cowprint and with cute phrases littered throughout their expansive menu. As we were seated today I saw several steaming little pots of french onion soup (that I'm intent on trying, along with about 20 other things), a plate heaping with homefries atop of which sat a pancake and two eggs, and of coures a number of greasy burgers. I ordered a philly chease-steak (I don't generally eat beef but i've been all over it lately for some reason) which, to be honest was not so great, but the uncle momo (panini, chicken, cheese, pesto, and deliciousness)I had last week was juicy and wonderful. We split an order of cheese fries. The fries were actually better than those at pomme frites (though, to be clear they have no delicious sauces) and they have a sweet potato option which, no comment necessary. Casey won this time with her "toastie", a delicious panini with tomato, basi, incredible looking mozzarella dripping with some amazing oil. Basically, it's just a really nice place that makes you feel good to be a regular. And now over to Casey!

Now, I'm not really clear on the joint posting protocol, but I'm Casey now. The thing about Silver Spur's is like, where did this place come from? I must have passed it a hundred times without being aware of its marvelous existence. The age-old "where should we go to lunch" question has now officially been answered. Shamefully, we've yet to try the sweet potato fries. Luckily, we are sweet potato friends. There is plenty a Thursday lunch date to be had between these cow-clad walls.

Because this is a place to regulars, without having to be regular. Ohhhhhh.


Queen of Cuisine said...

Can we talk for a second about how much I love Silver Spurs? To ignore the sweet potato fries is a grave injustice, my friends.

Speaking of places to be regulars...woo tomorrow! :-)

Queen of Cuisine said... I really want to go to Silver Spurs. :-(