Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A bit about bagels.

Bagels: Doubtless, the single most important food of my life. Here is a list of my favorite bagel spots; hardly comprehensive, just those around where I live work and play that have become an integral part of my existence.

5. Cup o' Joes: Let me be clear - these are not good bagels. Usually low on selection, they also leave something to be desired in the freshness department and the cream cheese is not so lovingly applied. But it is right by my apartment, on Driggs Ave in Greenpoint (across from the darling Mcgolrick Park), the guys who run it are super cool and it just has a nice vibe. Happy place to be and to bagel.

4. Brooklyn Ale House: Okay, this is obviously not a bagel place. But they have bagel brunch, and there are usually a lot of dogs, and the bloody marys are sensational. As if brunch, bloodys, and dogs arent enough, the bagel spread is sweeeet. If you get there by noonish there is usually a good selection, with all different kinds of cream cheese and onions and cukes and tomatoes and sea salt and all things that make a bagel delicious but I usually dont put on a bagel because it is not spread so lavishly before me. I'm pretty sure they get the goods from Bagelsmith, so props to both of these W'burg establishments!

3. Bagelstore: Also known as "Metbag," we'll say because it is on Metropolitan, these are just good bagels. Big space, great selection, cute staff. There is often a lot of confusion between ordering and paying and receiving your order, but if you manage to get through all of that without getting mildy pissed off or milding pissing someone off, it's a worthwile experience.

2. Bagel Bob's: Close enough to work that I can run there on my break, this has proven to be a welcome addition to my bagel routine. Often a lot of NYU kids; but let's face it, NYU kids know their bagels.

1. Murray's: Murray's is just the best. They don't toast their bagels. They refuse. Because they don't need to. Always fresh, always hearty, always perfect. This is the most filling bagel I can imagine. My favorite part, though, is that the everything bagel has everything on BOTH SIDES. This is very important to me, and I am more often than not disappointed in this regard. Thank you Murray, for understanding.

So that's that! I'm always open to bagelggestions, so let me know if you've got any hot bagel tips for me.


k said...

i have to disagree about murray's... i really want to love it, but i don't. they have messed up my order and given me bagels harder than rocks. i think they need to figure out some way to warm their bagels without toasting them, as eating a rock-hard cool bagel is not pleasant :(

i will say, however, that i did like murray's until i started going to the 8th avenue one. so this may just be a case of different locations having different levels of great.

this post made me want to go to bagel brunch at BAH. like now. forever.

Queen of Cuisine said...

I gave up bagels in favor of English muffins awhile ago for reasons unknown to me. However, whenever I have a bagel now it is so satisfying that I can't even believe it. BAGEL.

Also, does no one care about Banana Taste Explosion!?

mwr said...

I love a good EM, but I also love a good bagel. So many varieties of morning bread I feel doughier and more satisfied just thinking about them! Man, great post!

QoC: I can't speak for everyone but for me when I see a longer post I want to make sure that I'm in the right mental space to appreciate it. This occasionally means putting off reading it for a day or two, but it is all the more satisfying when I do read it.

Anonymous said...

While I do think that verb cafe's coffee is over roasted their bagels are worth crossing a marathon to have. Whichever bakehouse makes these differs from the mentioned places in that the crumb, or content within the crusts, is less chew-y. Indeed, even after applying the cream spread to a lightly toasted "verb", the jaw and stomach will have to work much less to enjoy these bad boys. And I might add that if you are inclined to add lox, Verb has the pinkest fish I've seen.

Eric said...

Although I've got a 24-hour uber-cheap "beigel" place near my flat in London on Brick Lane (bagel and cream cheese for less than £1? yes please!), I must say I'm really looking forward to proper NYC bagels

CaseyMustPie said...

omg is that really how they spell it???

Anonymous said...

QoC coming to you live from a Pennsylvania AIRPORT at 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve, about 13 hours after I was supposed to arrive at my ACTUAL destination. YEP.

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Second of all...a bagel and coffee saved my SANITY this morning, and I thought everyone should know that.

mwr said...

OMG e that's terrible!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!

I hope you get back soon. I'm about to take a picture of my recession breakfast and make a post of it.

Z said...

If you are up for traveling a bit outside of Williamburg, you can go to Ess-a-Bagel on 1st and 22nd street (Yiddush for "eat a bagel").

It's sooooo delicious. One of the best bagels I've ever had. Also, "La Bagel," a similar place on 15th and 3rd, which is actually Kosher. Both have delicious old-school-style bagels... my grandfather would have approved.