Friday, December 26, 2008

Abortion Christmas

No, No, No, I don't eat human veal...not even placenta. However, my Christmas this year was a series of aborted plans that was only interrupted by one of the better bagels I've ever had. I wasn't sure whether or not this should just be a comment in the bagel post or put a new one, but I realized the place itself was awesome enough that it deserves it's own post. La Bagel is at 263 1st Ave, just a few blocks about 14th street for all you 'L'ers out there. It's a kosher joint (special kosher sink and all) that has delicious latkes, bagels, herring in cream, etc. The bagel's were a bit pricey (3.00 for cream cheese, 3.5 for most of the flavored cream cheeses, 4.50 for lox spread) but they were made so lovingly who could mind? I had the scallion cream cheese and Z had the lox spread. Both were delicious. The scallions were clearly fresh and there were good sized chunks in it. The Bagel was perfectly toasted to keep the cheese warm but without being too crispy. It was sweet, doughy, heaven.

As they were closing up (it was almost 4:00 PM on christmas) the owner came out and started making hilarious jokes, many at the expense of the patrons of his place who were indecisive about what they wanted to order. I don't want it to seem like he's an ass, though, they were all very caring and good natured (e.g. "look lady, the only challah bread that's better than ours is God's okay?). He more or less immediatly made me want to be a regular. Props to anyone who can make me want to be a regular at their overpriced joint in 5 min. or less. Also, there is a huge banner in the background that says "Pizza made with ". I like signs that I can only read half of and get to make up with the other half says.

Anyway, if you ever want to spend $3+ on a bagel, I wouldn't recommend any other place i've been to more. If you want Challah bread and God is out of town go there, and if you don't want to make latkes (Z made some AMAZING ones the other night holy crap!) buy them here.

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Z said...

The owner was a sweetheart.

I should also note that the herring in cream was AWESOME! Caveat: get the smallest size. That's a lot of herring.