Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend update

1. I have the flu, so it's been flu food as of late. A big ole' pot of soup and granola bars. I made some pasta with really rich sauce, and that was a BAD idea.

2. I'm on campus for the better part of the day twice a week this semester and it's really getting to me food wise. I have never known why food on campuses is always both terrible and overpriced. Were it cheap I would probably not complain much, and if it were good same thing. But if I am paying Artisanal prices and getting McDonald's quality I'm going to be pissed. Yes, that's an exxageration, but it by much. If anyone has any good 'bring your own lunch' suggestions I'm all ears.

3. I want to try Otto. An old friend was in town, she tried it, and she loved it. I want to love it. Someone come with me for expensive pizza.

4. El Quinto Pino! It's a fancy tapas/wine place in Chelsea (24th and 9th if I'm not mistaken). I went with a the same friend, her fiance, and Z met us there a bit later. First thing's first: it's costly, so you have to be ready to just drop some dough when you go there or you'll not enjoy yourself. Second thing's second: it's pretty good, so if you're in the right mindset it's worth it. They have an uni (that's sea urchin roe) panini that's really good. It's got korean mustard sauce to give it some kick, and the uni is really mild so if you're not super adventurous it's a good way to get into it. Garlic shrimp was decent, not spectacular--though they gave us plenty of bread to soak up the gingery-sauce. Garbonozo bean soupything was great ... with a buttery cumin sauce mm mm mmm mmmmm. Spiced almonds shaped like oyster crackers were neat. olives were olives. and the goat cheese had this weird caramelized onion sauce that was great. As for drinks: the happy hour wines were both great, the sangria was very spice (clovey) and good, and there was a vey burbon-y horchata. the place is very very small,but that can be good when you're with a friend whom you've not seen for four years. Now back to diseased feeling sorry for myself.


CaseyMustPie said...

i could use some "bring your own lunch" suggestions as well. let's brainstorm.

Anonymous said...

ad 2.: i really liked the chili sin carne they have in the cafeteria. and the seaweed salad, although that belongs to the category of overpriced-and-not-filling.
as for the BYOL, i'm a food minimalist so Butterbrot (german-style sandwiches) makes me happy, full, and helps to save money. but since you like cooking a lot more than i do, how about some pasta, quinoa, couscous or buckwheat salad? great with nuts and selected fruit! :)