Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Okay, so that last post wasn't as good as it should have been, but I'm kinda running short on time. I also wanted to do two independent posts about these things, but no can do. So, here it is: your weekend roundup!

1. Papacitos!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an amazing little Mexican joint deep in the heart of greenpoint (Heron (sp?) and Manhattan). It was opened by the head chef at Brooklyn Label after he bailed and they started to get terrible and overpriced (though their tempeh reuben is still to die for! (wow, to die for really was the first phrase that popped into my head. What is happening to me?). Z and I went there yesterday because I really wanted Mexican food (which, after point 2, will be clearly absurd. I guess this could be a theme post, but I really like the weekend roundup, so I'm gonna stick it out. Okay, so Z had the chili rellenos, which was fried and amazing looking and tasting. I was pretty happy about that since I've wanted to try it before I make it sometime. Now, though, the bar is set pretty high. I had the chimichanga burrito with seitan asado. I'm kind of fascinated by this whole seitan thing, now that I've talked about it so much on here. I thought it was decent. It had obviously been spiced and fried before it was put into the burrito. Still, chicken works better for some reason. Anyway, it's called 'chimichanga' becuase they lightly fry it and then cover it with salsa and a really good sour cream. Everything there is always super-fresh tasting. I give it a lot of mmmmm's for mexican.

2. That morning we made "huevos a la Mexicana". This is just mexican scrambled eggs I think. You take some shallots and fry 'em. You throw in a chopped fresh tomato and fry it. Then add oregano and jalapanos. We used fresh ones, the recipe called for canned ones. I think the recipe might have been right, because there wasn't much kick to ours. Anyway, then you crack some eggs into the pan and mix 'em around so that they are not gross. Serve and eat. Delicious!

That was my Mexican Valentines day.


CaseyMustPie said...

haha mike your parentheses are out of control!

mwr said...
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mwr said...

*Edited from above. I guess you can't edit comments*
I know! It's actually my natural state. You can tell how much or little time I've taken to edit my writing by how many nested parentheticals you find in what I've written. If you wanted the direct stream of nonsensciousness that would be in my head you'd just find one never-to-be-completed sentence being composed with nested parenthetical inside nested parenthetical. Happily, some of those get finished. At least they're not run-ons! I get the most absurd run-ons in the papers I grade.