Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Various free things: limited engagement

1. It's national pancake day. If you go to IHOP between 7am-10pm you can celebrate by eating a free short stack.

2. It's the 24th of Feb. which is, as far as I'm aware, not of any significance to tacos however if you go to Jack in the Box today you can get 2 free tacos! http://coupon.hangintherejack.com/two-tacos.php?referrer=TACOS for more details.

3. Free quizno's sub provided you're willing to 'register' with them. http://www.millionsubs.com/Reg.php This lasts until they give away a million I guess?

Finally, 4. if you like Arby's roast burger you can get one for free with the purchase of a beverage with this coupon: http://arbys.fbmta.com/members/ViewMailing.aspx?MailingID=27917289331. This is good through March 9th.

Not as classy as free wine with your gourmet cheese, but we'll take it!


eLs said...


eLs said...

Also guys, I really love that I'm getting to the point where I can read the headline and the first few words and already know who wrote the post. :-) So warm and fuzzy.

mwr said...

Interesting that you say that. I was just thinking this morning that I'd really like it if it said who posted what at the top of the post rather than the bottom. I'm not sure why I would like that, though, since I've rather enjoyed the whole trying to guess before I get there thing.

k said...

hahah i have found that mike's post in particular are pretty easy to spot, since he never posts pictures and describes things in a way that only his brain could describe them. casey's and erin's are elegant. i think my style is still developing.

CaseyMustPie said...

k, you had the all lowercase thing going until you got so excited about PF.