Monday, February 2, 2009

Bagel Revision

As I've mentioned before I've been doing a lot of work at the Bobst library near Washington Square lately. This has given me the opportunity to re-evaluate my assessment of Murry's bagels. After 4 trips over the past week I have to downgrade them from top-notch to 'will do in a pinch'. Although, as CF points out, they do top both sides of their everything bagels, the odds of getting a warm bagel are slim--even during the overcrowded lunch time. This is especially problematic because they won't toast their bagels on account of their 'freshness'. If you don't go during the crowded times, though, you can get a pretty tough ring-o boiled dough that requires the warm touch of a toaster to make delicious. Although I've not had them mess up any orders like others on the blog, they do cost 2.7X, which is more than their W-burg competitors.

On the brighter side of things, I've been to Bagelsmith twice in the past month and been happily surprised. So, all things considered, my favorite bagel options are not dwindling in size, though they are certainly all congregating in the same geographical location.


CaseyMustPie said...

well, i'm glad to see that you are at least coming around on bagelsmith. obvs, i think you're pretty off-base on murrays. the only time they have disappointed me is when they accidentally gave me something with TUNA, which i guess is a pretty serious offense. but man i was there last week for the first time in months, and i really love murrays. just for the record.

k said...

even if i hadn't gotten a messed up order once, i still think that murray's is not as good as most (if not all) other bagel places i've been to in the city (this excludes nasty deli bagels-we're talking places with 'bagel' in the name).

once i was lucky enough to get a warm bagel, and while it was pretty good, it didn't hold a candle to bagel store. cold bagels though- i just don't understand it!! who wants a cold bagel that the human mouth can't even chew!!???

CaseyMustPie said...

they are almost always pretty fresh when i get them! i do miss bagel store though.

eLs said...

This makes me really want a bagel, but I think my neighborhood is pretty bagel-deficient. I'll be down by Wall Street later though, maybe I'll invest in a bagel then.