Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay guys, I don't know why I've put off writing this post for so long. So Artisanal is this amazing place I went to on Christmas day with Z last year. I ate snails for the first time. They came in this mini-muffing tray soaked in butter and each had a puff pastry top, so the entire idea seemed to be 'get the snail taste out of the snail' but it was delicious nevertheless.

Anyway, It's a little pricy, so I needed an excuse to go back. Well, the bad economy seems to have supplied one. In an attempt not to lose all of their business they have a 'grilled cheese bar' which is basically their lunch menu that they now serve at the bar for dinner. It's comprised of overpriced sandwiches (12-15) with really amazing cheeses. When this wasn't enough, though, they brought out the big guns: February is Fondue Month! So the deal is, they have a different fondue every day. They have 2 sizes: small and large. The former is said to serve 1-3 people and the latter 4-6, though with the fondue deal the former comes with 2 glasses of wine and the latter 4, so that tells you how much it really serves. You get some bread, and you have to pay for extra dippers (about 4.50 per thing, and the fingerlings are amazing!)

Z and I went a few nights ago and had muenster with caraway. I don't like muenster and I don't like caraway (actually, I thought I hated rye for a while, but it's really just the seeds). This was delicious. So, well, that's as good an endorsement as I can give. I REALLY want to go tomorrow because I love comte cheese. PLEASE GO WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!! Also there's a Gruyere and a Gorgonzola coming up that I'd love to try!!


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