Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend roundup

Our resident graphic design expert SPF K did an awesome job on the new layout!

So, often times I'll have a few posts I want to make over the course of a week I never get around to making. I think I'll try to do a mini-sunday roundup whenever that's the case so that thoughts don't evaporate forever.

1. Z and I made a warm quinoa salad the other day. The Q was cooked in veggie stock (which I still need to start making at home) with garlic and onions and that was wonderful! It was a little lemon-Mediterranean for me, so next time I think I'll add a bit of feta and replace the bed of avocado-romaine with one of baby spinach!

2. Sweet potatoes make great friends, but not great leftovers apparently! We had a dinner party here wed. night. 2 mutual friends and one friend old for Z and new for me came. I put on my imaginary apron and made sweet potato risotto (walnuts rather than pecans. A lateral change only) and sweet potato curry. I made larger portions of both in hopes of being able to steal some out to SB with me the next day. No such luck, they were so well received that everything vanished that night. We must all be pigs!

3. I really like getting differently shaped noodles for when I make pasta.

4. I have eaten so much peanut butter this week that my stomach turns just thinking about it. Come on loan check, arrive!

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