Monday, January 5, 2009

Food resolution 2009

Okay, so generally I like to have 10 things that I want to be working for going at once. Then when any single one fails I don't mind so much because I've got nine other to distract me while I find a replacement. This goes with food too. I'm no spring chicken, so I want to start eating with an eye to potential heart failure and metabolism loss. I want to cook all the time. I want to learn to be a thrifty chef for when I have to start paying back student loans. But! I just read a cheesey inspiring thing on the intorweb about picking a single goal and sticking to it and stoking the fire; so I think I will throw those things under the bus and stick to a single goal in hopes of achieving it. So, my food resolution for '09 is *drum roll* Eat new things! I am in a major cooking rut. I've described my predilection for routine eating. I also want to make tempeh tacos every night. They are delicious and all, but I think the more I try to cook different stuff the more my cooking brain will develop. Then, when I'm in a real pickle I can macguyver my way into a delicious meal when confronted with the sparcest of pantries. So there it is guys. I hope you're excited to see a bunch of craziness on this blog over the next year because Z's brie-cheese block was amazing and I would never have made it in my rutty state.

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CaseyMustPie said...

good luck! I'm going to stop eating my fingers.