Friday, January 9, 2009

the best veggie burger i've ever had in my life

today, i experienced lunch ecstasy.

when i am unable to leave work for lunch, i often order off of Seamless Web. you just type in your address, pick a restaurant, and order your meal; all of that without any human contact! it's amazing. what's more amazing still is that the west village gobo is on the list of restaurants.

i've been sort of a casual gobo enjoyer. i've had a couple of mediocre experiences, so i'm usually the one throwing skeptical remarks out when mwr is raving. after today, however, i'll be right there raving with him.

i went out on a limb an ordered the home-made veggie burger, which comes with yam and yucca fries. the website had no description of the toppings, sauces, whathaveyou, but i put my faith in gobo and ordered.

the fries were heavenly. no salt, pepper, or ketchup needed. oh my god. so good. i HAD expected to put ketchup on the burger, until i looked inside...

hummus. there was hummus. hummus, sprouts, avocado (which i took off :( boo made up food allergies!), and tomato, all sitting on this perfect veggie burger patty. there are no words. it was so good. and for $9, it can and will become my lunch staple!

thank you seamless web. thank you gobo. thank you yams. thank you so much.


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