Wednesday, January 28, 2009

angelica kitchen

after much menu-lusting and a fateful reference on gossip girl, eLs and i made our way to angelica kitchen.

let's start with the location. angelica kitchen, located on 12th street and 2nd avenue, is within walking distance of s'mac, curly's, quantum leap, johnny's. in this terrible weather, i certainly don't want to stand outside and wait for a table, so it's really nice to have options.

that said, we were lucky and got there right before the dinner crowd. the service was quick, although not very friendly (he told eLs that her entree was better than mine....hmmmm). eLs ordered the ole man seitan wrap (which she should write about!) and i got half of a tempeh reuben with a simple salad and kukicha tea. although i don't have anything to compare it to, the tempeh reuben was delicious:

Tempeh Reuben Sandwich served warm. Our version of this classic features baked marinated tempeh, seasoned with caraway and cumin, tofu russian dressing, sauerkraut and lettuce. served on choice of mixed grain bread or sourdough spelt bread

the salad was not as delicious. it had a lot going for it; there were carrots, shredded cabbage and sprouts. unfortunately the house dressing (puréed tahini, scallions, and parsley) tasted like nothing. next time i will either just get the full sandwich or sample a different dressing. the kukicha tea, which i had forgotten about until it was in front of me, was great. apparently it is high in antioxidants and low in caffeine!

for dessert we shared a warm apple crisp with almond cream. i am not a dessert person, but this was pretty great. the almond cream was thicker than we thought it was going to be, but it ended up being a great complement to the warm apples and crisps.

the best part about this place is that it's ridiculously cheap; our bill came out to $25.20. we mysteriously got the dessert for free and the entrees were reasonably priced ($14 for eLs's wrap and $9.75 for my sandwich, salad, and tea).

SPF field trip to angelica kitchen anyone?


eLs said...

I love that you list Johnny's as an alternative location. It is true that I usually just end up drinking if my dinner options don't work out.

Excellent assessment, K. I'm working diligently on mine, so get ready...

mwr said...

totally. I am in!