Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flourless chili cake

Okay, so we have been making a lot of sweets to deal with the winter (banana bread, if this works out, to come). This was a weird one we slightly modified from (

We didn't have a proper cake pan with a detachable bottom, so we put the mix into these tin foil muffin containers. They are pretty awesome. I want to make an egg cup ( in one soon!

Anyway, so this recipe is basically like a cake recipe, but there's no flour. This lead to problems for both Z and I. She was upset by how much she could detect the high egg content of them even after they were cooked. The texture was not to my liking (and also not very fudge like, so maybe we made it wrong). However, the whole chili pepper thing was really good. So, we decided that the next chocolate cake we make we're going to add a little. The key here is to get chipotle chili powder ... or at least a chili powder that isn't a mix of things but is just chili powder. When you get a bite of cake there's a little kick to it. It's the sort of kick that compliments chocolate well. I've seen chili chocolate and also bacon chocolate, which sounds ridiculously good to me.

So that's that. The picture turned out better than the food, but we've got a good idea for the future. I have the feeling that my blog posts will be less frequent and sound more like that for at least the first three months of the year.


eLs said...

Ooooh! I think I have a cookbook with a chocolate and chili cookie recipe in it! It always sounded really good to me.

Isn't it sad when the picture looks so good and the food doesn't do it justice? SIGH.

Z said...

Yeah, I was definitely not into the residual eau-du-egg that I could detect in the final cupcake product. Urrgh. I like my eggs over easy and with hot sauce, thanks.

I do think that adding chipotle chili powder to something else is an awesome idea though, as are the tinfoil cupcake things (which you can re-use if you spray them with cooking oil -- tip for the thrifty!)

k said...

eau-du-egg! hah!

where did you get the tinfoil cupcake things? at your grocery?