Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You say sil-ANT-ro, I say sil-AHN-tro...

And now the question do YOU feel about cilantro?


nrg said...

Fuck Yeah Cilantro!

and tits?

tanya said...


When I was around 12, I visited my aunt & uncle on their farm in Wisconsin, and they made fish and a sesame-cucumber-pasta salad, all laden with cilantro. Most of my family members are exceptional cooks, so as I ate I tried to convince myself that what I was eating was good. I could do it no longer and began to cry as I ate my fish. I hated the cilantro so fucking much. It was awful. My family, as usual, laughed at me for not saying anything sooner and gave me some fried fish that they had prepared for my picky sister.

It was then an ongoing joke in my family not to feed Tanya cilantro, she'll cry, ha ha HA.

In a very anticlimactic ending, I tried it in a dish sometime just before college and I loved it. Now I can eat it by itself, right out of the garden.

So, ELS, i say BOTH!

Anonymous said...

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