Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not just a follower

Hi Guys,

Job freak out, excuses etc. aside.

I'm waiting on the picture for the post I want to make so badly, but in the meantime: eggspectation.

That is the name of a breakfast chain that I went to with about 25 people who like to listen to loud industrial-y music. They have a lot of egg-pun named breakfast dishes that looked really good. I wanted to try the poached eggs over latkes (oy vegg), I'm from Florida so I had to eat the boca raton benedict. Think the normal benedict but replace ham with guacamole. I gotta say, it was delicious.

The home fries were cute too. The drinks, though, were awful and overpriced.

That's all I've got until I finish the last half of the jar of peanut butter or I get a picture.

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