Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My New Diet

So, anyone who knows me also knows that every Spring I complain about winter pudge. Everyone who knows me also know that I flip out about money irrationally. Well, now that I'm going to be unemployed in about two months I've decided to pit my faults against one another in a struggle to the death from which only one can survive, am I'm banking on my flipping out about money taking the title.

Excess aside, here is how I eat now. It's been working for about 7 days, so I think I've got a thing going.

Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal, 1 banana, and some cinnamon.
Lunch: 1 package top ramen, 1 PBJ sandwhich
Dinner: I go all out for this one. Sometimes it's curry, sometimes it's more oat meal, and sometimes it's kale-tempeh salad. I give myself a $3 budget for this meal, since the other two are about $2 combined.

Even then, $5 a day X 30 days a month and you're looking at 150 clams to keep me minimally fit, and that does not include the excessive coffee and tea I drink. Still, it's under the $200 a month I can get in food stamps if I don't find a job before August.


k said...

man this is all just getting so sad

eLs said...

AGREED. I need to post about Punch ASAP.

Z said...

As someone with a vested interest in your continued health, I object to your diet's glaring lack of vegetable matter.

I suggest you remedy this immediately to include the 3 servings of vegetables included in the U.S. FDA Food Pyramid. Perhaps you can include a random raw vegetable or fruit for lunch (or a salad), and some sort of veggie side with dinner?

NOTE: Potatoes are not acceptable as the vegetable.