Tuesday, May 19, 2009

awesome thai got awesomer

as i think we've all expressed, it would be a huge undertaking to write an spf post about sripraphai (or as i believe mike dubbed it - awesome thai). but i noticed a new component to the menu last night that i am excited about sharing.

in the very back of the menu there are two fluorescent green pages containing a vegetarian menu! i have only run into a couple of problems with their menu in the past: 1) it didn't say which dishes are not offered with tofu/without meat and 2) there was no galangal soup without chicken. both of these problems have been remedied by this new menu, and it seems that they've started offering more of their dishes sans meat. which means i can have my own bowl of galangal soup. and that someday i might go there and order something other than panang curry with tofu. it's not likely though.

note: i also noticed that the panang curry off of the vegetarian menu includes baby corn and thai eggplant. i'm indifferent about this addition, but thought it was worth noting.


eLs said...


What was the verdict on the soup? Just as good, but better without the tofu?

eLs said...

Also, T's assessment as a first-timer:

T: my whole mouth still hurts from AT
because i couldnt wait til it cooled down to eat
does "panang" sound dirty to you?
it does to me
i was going to say something about eating your panang...ew.

k said...

it was good@ i kind of just eat around everything in that soup anyway, but it was more difficult to eat around the tofu cause it kept breaking apart. the actual base of the soup didn't taste any different though, FOR WHICH I WAS GRATEFUL.

tanya said...

PANANG. So when I said "I'm all panang-ed out" last night, I meant the curry coconut dish. Clearing that one up immediately.

Thank you, thank you so much, for my first of many awesome Awesome Thai experiences. Drunken noodles currently reside in the office fridge, awaiting lunchtime. Hoorah!

eLs said...


That really has a whole new meaning now, doesn't it?

k said...

your self-restraint amazed me. both of you.

Eric said...

I couldn't wait any longer and ate my panang for breakfast

eLs said...

No one has eaten my panang yet!

k said...

wow i really hate this