Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ninth Avenue Food Festival 2009

Ninth Avenue International Food Festival and Street Fair: May 16-17, 2009

This is apparently called a mozzarepa, which to me sounds like an offense for which you might do 20 years in a maximum security prison. In actuality, it is pure amazingness: melted mozzarella between two grilled cornbread patties.

Crepe with chocolate and strawberries. Thank GOD for Ninth Avenue, food, street fairs, fruit, chocolate and the person who invented crepes, because all of that led up to this wonderful moment.

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CaseyMustPie said...

It was quite by accident as I worked in front of a chafing dish that the cordials caught fire. I thought It was ruined. The Prince and his friends were waiting. How could I begin all over? I tasted it. It was, I thought, the most delicious melody of sweet flavors I had ever tasted. I still think so. That accident of the flame was precisely what was needed to bring all those various instruments into one harmony of taste . . .