Wednesday, May 27, 2009


OH MY GOD GUYS SOOO AWESOME. So yeah, no one can hate poutine until they've had this. This place, La Banquis, is open 24 hours a day and has a bazillion different kinds of the delicious gravy covered fresh-curd-cheese fries. We got the veggie kind, which had onions and peppers in it. I swear to god I would die of obesity in about 8 months if I moved to Montreal because this stuff is so amazing. I am not expressing how awesome this is well at all. Imagine some triumphalist story about an explorer, nearing the end, climbing some mountain top and discovering the paradise s/he'd been seeking the past decades accompanied by a choir of angels singing and playing awesome trumpets and you'll be close to understanding.


mwr said...

I very strongly urge you all to click on the picture and start at it in the larger size for a while.

mwr said...

stare at it. I really should look over what I type before posting.

eLs said...