Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet surprise

Good news! Our vegetarian friends at Maoz have introduced a new dish that is dear to our hearts here at SPF. That's right kids, sweet potato fries (pictured here with a healthy dousing of tahini) are now available alongside your exploding falafel. Veg out!


Z said...

Best news all week!

I <3 maoz... now i love them even more. :)

eLs said...

OMFG, you have no idea how much I need sweet potato fries after my beloved Curly's started serving them so sporadically...I've gone there three times and been DENIED sweet potato fries. I had a really emotional meltdown in front of the waitress last time.

SO. Maoz it is.

Anonymous said...

satan cuts the fries himself. but even jesus agrees maoz got the best broccoli!

CaseyMustPie said...

oh man how is the broccoli at maoz so good