Saturday, March 7, 2009

Miyako, WEyako

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Dreams came true last night at Miyako. Big ole thank you to everyone who came out last night. We missed you mwr, but someone needed to keep the tradition of someone not going to someone else's birthday thing alive.

I'm not really sure what everyone else had, but my Maki combo (tuna rolls, salmon rolls, & cali rolls) was just great. THEN, they even served me green tea ice cream (not two giant wasabi mounds). Naturally, I was in the bathroom while this happened.

Also, k got me this adorable parfait from chelsea's three tarts. I ate it for breakfast this morning and it was delicious as is it precious.


k said...

i got a lot of things, haha. ty and i shared the kim chee pah junnn ( i think ) which was a (fried?) korean pancake with kim chee baked into it. it was really good.

for sushi i got the sweet potato roll and the oshinko roll. i'd never tried oshinko before, and i found it to be delicious but a little overpowering. the sweet potato roll, as always, was the bomb.

CaseyMustPie said...


eLs said...

I got vegetable gyozas and an osaka roll, which is shrimp tempura with tuna and avocado.. Also the bomb.

Mmmm Miyako. Good thing it's really close to me and I can go to it all the time. :-(