Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Return from the grave with a couple of life lessons.

Hi guys. It's been an overwhelming time, but I am back now. I think I'll be back for good too, I finished a lot of the work I had gotten behind on from the dreaded illnesses that I won't quit complaining about.

Here is a quick word of caution. Let's imagine that you are at home and really do not want to go out to purchase food. Now let's imagine you have all of the ingredients for thai food except the coconut milk, including the delicious canned thai spices. Just to make things even less general, let's also imagine that you've recently announced that you'd like to start 'getting into' dry spices rather than wet sauces and such for some reason that may or may not make sense to yourself. You might think that you should go ahead and make an awesome dry thai dinner right? Well,


Last Sunday I made a panang curry as described above and it was so hot that I could hardly eat it.

Let's say you'd never find yourself in that position. I think I have learned another lesson that is even more general. If you are very hungry and you have food in front of you that is very hot, but it's the sort of hot that builds up over time should you: a) get something else to eat, b) go hungry, or c) decide that you can shovel enough into your mouth by the time that it gets unbearable (oh no, spell check isn't on. Apologies now for everything that's probably wrong with this post guys) that you'll no longer be hungry. If you answered c) you're VERY WRONG.


eLs said...

This sounds really upsetting. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'll give you the Sweet Potato Spoon Bread recipe for future situations, as it does not include coconut milk.

mwr said...

Great! I've always got some sweet potatoes around.

eLs said...

Don't we all.