Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend dump

I noticed that I've called it an update and a round up, so I'm not sure what to call this thing. In any case, here we go:

1. Last night I made sweet potato risotto which was accompanied by bottle of Perrier Jouet. We had the Grand Brut sort which isn't as expensive as the notorious flower variety. It had one of the nicer smells I've had in a drink in a long time, tasted lovely, bubbled well, and was all around a good thing. This is good news, because the risotto was not so hot. We didn't have any pecans so I subbed cashews instead. I've done it with walnuts to no ill effect, but cashews just made the whole dish too sweet for my scotch loving taste buds.

2. Kendall and I made awesome salad. This salad is amazing and needs its own post, so I'm not going to comment here.

3. Z and I tried a local sushi place that was GOD AWFUL. Never go to the Fresh Pond Road E-chiban (not that anyone ever would). They had a decent sweet potato tempura roll, but anything with fish in it was awful. The salmon skin roll had rather large chunks of salmon attached to the skin. Furthermore, if my tongue was not being deceptive that day, there was an awful lot of mayo in the rolls. I'm not sure if that's an Americanization or an abomination, but I am sure that it's reprehensible either way.

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