Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bagel Update

I think the one thing we've been good about tracking here is the quality of bagels. If I were some sort of a tech whiz I'd whip up a googlemap tracking bagel places and frequency of good/bad bagels from them. I'm not, though, so I'll just lechy'all know that Z went to Russ and Daughters and came back with some excellent bagels and some even better cream cheese. CHECK IT OUT GUYS!


eLs said...

I'VE BEEN WANTING TO GO HERE! Now I have extra motivation! Good to have you back, mwr.

mwr said...

Holy shit. Z went back and got some tiny bagels and lox spread. I insist you eat the lox spread. It is smokey, not chunky, and there are bits of dill in it. Incroyable.