Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crab Fiasco

I used to really love crab, which my parent's neighbor somehow knew when he (seemingly) thoughtfully delivered king crab legs in honor of my homecoming. So I was pretty thrilled upon sitting down to dinner with fam and the MOST GIGANTIC CREATURE REMOTELY EDIBLE.
This is an Alaskan King Crab. Basically, it's a dinosaur. Eating this beast, turns out, is the most horrifying and revolting thing you could imagine.
We spent a few minutes trying to convince ourselves this was acceptable, until my sister compared the meat to a skinned human arm. At this point, we decided to bust out the wine and start de-shelling the crab for future use (although I'm pretty sure none of us will be able to eat seafood again).
Here's the meat:and the shellage:Sooo thanks across-the-street-neighbor, for making my hands smell like sea-monster for the rest of my life.


k said...

i don't blame you guys - that is really gross looking! there goes your love of crab legs :(

eLs said...

I don't think I understand this, but I don't like it one bit.

Chef Paul said...

You made absolutely no sense further more if no one ate the crab that sat in front of you at your table then the crabs death was in complete vain. It is people like you and your friends that are single handedly responsible for the decline of America thanks a lot deuche!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chef Paul,

On behalf of SPF I would like to say you're welcome. We do try to do our part. I would also like to personally thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is people like you, vigilantly patrolling the internet for signs of nonsense that keep our computer monitors safe from the same sort of decline that is happening across this once great nation and then bravely calling out those who perpetrate such grotesqueries in the comment section. You do much to keep our world safe and to prevent those who are trying to expand their horizon's from doing so in such an insensitive and, dare I say, such a backward manner. I hope your efforts are meeting greater success in Toledo than they are here. I think New York may be a lost cause.