Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall into the pumpkin

Happy fall, all. We are over half-way through the the -bers, so I figured it was damnabout time to make pumpkin bread.
pumpkin bread, chillin' in the late afternoon autumn sunlight

I used this recipe, substituting canned pumpkin for the "real" variety. Now, I was mostly eyeballing the dry measurements (at which I am surely not good) so who knows, but I'm finding the loaf somewhat dull. Is pumpkin not a partularly thrilling bread theme, or would using the real deal have made all the difference? It does smell just wonderful.


eLs said...

I WANT IT. My roommate made blueberry corn bread last night and I had a really hard time realizing that I would ever have to eat something else, because it was delicious. However, this also looks great!

k said...

aw. i am not going to be nearly as productive while you're gone.