Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ladies who lunch later

as part of our concurrent quests to 1) eat every cheese plate in williamsburg and 2) make sure everyone thinks we're lesbians, casey and i went to roebling tea room on roebling and metropolitan.

rtr's cheese plate is modest, but to be fair so is its price. for $10 you receive a bunch of delicious bread, fig paste, capers, and two generous portions of cheese (which i'm assuming are not always the same, but i could be wrong). they also have some sort of weird unadvertised happy hour deal, so i'd ask about that so you don't order the one thing that isn't on it like i did.



eLs said...

Everyone in Little Italy thinks Lisa and I are lesbians. That is what happens when you systematically eat your way through an entire district with the same person, so at least you're prepared for that.


CaseyMustPie said...

haha that really looks like a lot of bread and a little cheese