Friday, June 5, 2009

Soupy summer

Yum guys.

Z made this delicious soup just now (she subbed in chicken stock & olive oil).

I will now list some of the virtues of this soup:
1. It was beautiful to look at; the picture doesn't do it justice. Once K and I made this 'yellow' themed soup to celebrate Lance Armstrong that should have looked like this (which was much more vibrantly yellow). The bits of green and red added a lot of nice color, and the rice & chickpeas gave it a lovely visual texture (even if chick-peas kind of look like butts half the time you're eating them).

1a. Hell, it was sensational on all accounts, the smell, the texture, the sight. I even think I heard the little chick-peas singing a beautiful melody as I ate them.

2. It's a creamy soup, but it's not diary cream. This is particularly rewarding for the less tolerant among us.

3. The taste was the closest to awesome thai's tom kha I've had outside of awesome thai. DO YOU HEAR THAT KENDALL? Seriously, it had so much of that flavor to it. It wasn't 100% there, but it shouldn't have been. Also, the jalapeno added a good kick.

4. It was new. Hooray!

5. It was fast and cheap.


k said...

tell us how it was made!!! was there galangalangalang involved?

mwr said...

You'll have to get Z to do that. I was not involved in anything but the recipe selection process. I think the link in the post was followed.

eLs said...

TOM KHA!!! OMG I miss Awesome Thai.