Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of Pizza

I guess it's in the air what with eLs's post and the new quiz, but I am going to post about the fauxtalian treat that can be prepared in such significantly different ways that it provokes unpleasntries between Chi-towners and residents of our very own Big Apple.

So I have a friend in town who loves nature. After giving her a list of options we settled on prospect part for the day. it was a nice trip from the fancy birds whose names she knows to the underwhelming dog beach, but the foodie highlight of the day was a little place called Enzo's brick oven pizza. It was a hard choice between that and the 'pie hole' which sold variations on shepards pie, but I'm pretty sure we did the right thing. When we came in we realized that their lunch special was a ridiculous 25% off. They greeted us with warm flatbread with rosemary and garlic spices as well as an oil and vinigar sauce for dipping. Since I confused the place with Girimaldi's or whatever that place in Dumbo is that's supposed to be super famouse I insisted we get pizza's. We got 2 (which is way too much for 2 people, but probably enough for three very hungry people) pies: a 4 cheese and one that had roasted red peppers, some weird aweesome cheese whose name I wish I remembered (but only very little, like lightly grated over the top), artichoke hearts, and tomatoes. They were both topped with quite a bit of fresh basil and some of the better olive oil i've ever tasted. They were 14 inchers on a pretty good flatbread crust too. I ate until I was overfull, we still had more than half a pizza left, and the bill came out to 17 dollars. I say, if you find yourself in the area, give it a try.

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eLs said...

Ohhhhh! I've heard of this place! Mmmm it sounds delicious! I have also not been to Grimaldi's, but I really want to go if anyone wants to do that. I think it's supposed to be comparable to Lombardi's, which is good but not amazing. I wish we could have a pizza contest and crown a winner...except that it would be Last Stop.