Sunday, April 26, 2009

good times great food

U-92...I mean uhhhh

So last night after a long and at least a-typical day for all of us, T, L, Z & I decided that a dinner party was in order. Having been convinced that I'd come down with the pig-flu for at least a couple of hours I insisted on salad being a major component of this dinner party, so that's what Z and I made. Whenever I make a salad now I have no choice but to make the awesome salad that has been discussed here several times. I convinced Z to let me use feta over Gorganzola, which was a rare victory. It was entirely gone after several people had gone back for a second helping, so I think that means it was well received. I think my final verdict is in on that and it really is best when it's about half arugula and half non-arugula.

To my great pleasure the other half of the meal was chicken burritos! Not only were they good, but I think I picked up some interesting tips for how to make them myself. Normally I rinse the gross off of the black beans, but they cooked them in a pot on the stove and, I have to say, it was really nice. They cut the chicken up smaller than I usually do, and that was great. Finally, and this is the big one, they used taco seasoning and it was great. I hope you're all ready for a tangentially related anecdote. As some of you probably know, K and I have made a lot of Mexican together. So a long time ago at the stoop we were making tempeh tacos and we realized we had forgotten the taco seasoning. We decided to make it up on our own with the various spices we had at our disposal, and it turned out magnificently. From that day on I have never used taco seasoning while cooking tacos because I am a poor person and I figured I could do just as good a job on my own. That might have changed last night. I'll be sure to let you guys know the next time I make tempeh tacos.

In any case, the meal and company were both delicious. I hope we can make these things more regular, because seriously, they're cheaper and better than going to a bar, movie, basically anything.

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