Thursday, April 9, 2009

From Italy to 14th Street: PIZZA

Yep, me again. Sorry.

After I got back from my pasta-cation in Italy, I immediately swore off pizza. This seems like a silly thing to do, but I just didn't think I could stomach it for awhile. I lasted two whole days, at which point Eric dragged me to Last Stop. And by dragged I mean...I suggested it.

In any case, I'm back on the pizza bandwagon. Now, we all know how I feel about the perfection of Last Stop pizza (it's, you know...perfect), but I was intriuged by the rave reviews a little pizza place called Artichoke kept getting. It's right next to Curly's Vegetarian Lunch (another beacon of perfection), and there is always a line winding down the block. I also heard a rumor once that a public trash can was installed right outside expressly for the purpose of collecting the casualties (i.e. pizza-fied napkins and paper plates) of Artichoke pizza consumption.

My boss has been urging me to try this place for awhile now, so as K and I headed to meet S and C we stopped to pick up a slice. The line wasn't as long as usual, only out to the curb, and it gave us a chance to admire the weird fringey lamp in the window.

I went for the obvious, a slice of the artichoke pizza (a meal completed with a Diet Coke). I suppose I shouldn't complain about getting dinner for fewer than $6.00 ($5.50, to be exact), but $4.00 for a slice of pizza is a bit ridiculous, even in New York. It needs to at least be WORTH IT.

Okay, I'll definitely go ahead and give Artichoke points for creativity and for catching me off guard. I don't know WHAT is in the cheese at this place, but it is unlike any other pizza I have ever seen. It LOOKS normal, but it honestly tastes like someone took cream of artichoke SOUP and poured it on bread (or pizza dough, as it were). It's sloppy in a good sloppy-pizza way, but it's so STRANGE. K and I seemed to have the same reaction to the thing. Eventually, it started to grow on us...but we're still not sure we understand it. At all.

Maybe I'll give it another shot when I'm better prepared for what's coming, but I think I'll be sticking with Last Stop for awhile. Also, I burned my mouth on the cheese-slash-soup, so I may need a brief pizza hiatus. I guess the verdict here is GOOD BUT DIFFERENT. Thoughts?


k said...

seriously, artichoke soup. it was interesting but i can't imagine waiting in line for it.

eLs said...

We waited in line together! But yeah, no line longer than that would be worth it. The novelty was cool though.