Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet and cheap in SoHo

It's been a while guys. Thanks for holding the fort down.

Let's cut straight to the chase: This place is awesome! I mean it. I have been there twice in the past week. Well, Z works near there, so it hasn't been without cause.

So you walk in and there's some gelato on your right. Then you look around and are like, man this is some fancy-ass chocolate. I'll bet if Tim Burton had been reading a lot of Fitzgerald and were less insane this store would have been has adaptation. After the initial awe-struck confusion (which, to be honest doesn't last too long since they're mostly truffle's with picture on the outside and there are other truffle places in this city) you notice there's a back room with tables, which gives you some direction as you meander and look at all of the confectionery delights. The back room is cute enough, with some tiny tables. In the corner furthest from the entrance there's a mini chaise for a chair and that's cool. There's also a really silly chandelier with fake flames in the candles. I didn't do an adequate job explaining what's going on, but I'm rusty and don't feel like revising so it'll have to remain as it is.

So the first time Z and I went after a lunch and the waiter asked if it was our first time there. He then suggested we get the aztec, which he claimed all the Europeans visit to get, and that we get it European style (which means with water rather than milk) so that we would have a better taste of the chocolate. Z immediatly went with his recommendation and, after looking over the menu for a few moments I did the same. We both got mediums which was a huge delicious mistake. They were basically an entire mug of melted rich fudge. It was amazing. I had so much will power afterward it would blow your mind (that's a joke that no one will get, sorry).

We went back after eating dinner at this place which is also amazing, and I decided to get gelato. Z got the spicy hot chocolate--this time a small which she said was about the right size--which was tasty, but not quite as good (we both agreed). They were almost out of everything, so I got the plumb sorbet and holy eff was it good. Lots of plumb-skin action to make it de-lish.

So, you should check it out. And probably before you go you should eat at that mooncakes place I linked above. In addition to being cheap, innovative, and delicious, they played about 4 Pearl Jam songs when we walked in.

I had the buckwheat noodle salad with chicken and ginger cilantro-pesto. It struck a nice balance between greens, noodles, and sauce and was not too heavy. Also the noodles were not warm, and the chicken was, which was fun.

Z had a seared tuna with soy something vinaigrette dressing salad. It was darn tasty also. Both of them were 8.80 each! The chocolate cost almost that much! Insane value and nice staff! woo!

Okay, I'm out. Sorry the tone of this is so scattered.

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nrg said...

We both got mediums which was a huge delicious mistake. They were basically an entire mug of melted rich fudge. It was amazing

This is why I love you guys! Great posts even if I'm not in the environment to enjoy them. At least locally. Cheers!