Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A new Anella

Anella is a recent addition to my nabe, on whereelsebut Franklin Street in g'point. As Kendall and I were lucky enough to have a very special houseguest this past weekend, we were treated to delicious dinner at the new italianish restaurant. THANK YOU MRS. HOLLAND!

The space is divided into two narrow dining areas, one of which houses the bar (which does indeed have its liquor license now). It is dark and rustic in that italian restaurant sort of way, but with a cleaner, fresher feel to it. Unfortunately, I am unable to comment upon Anella's garden at this time, but I'm sure it's fantastic.

We sat at a window seat, where we were able to gauge a considerable amount of interest from passersby in the menu taped behind us. And we don't blame them. After receiving some white bean dip action courtesy of the chef, we all thoroughly enjoyed our eggplant bruschetta appetizer. Mrs. H ordered a pesto pasta dish of some sort, which was probably my favorite thing consumed at Anella. Kendall's arugula & pear salad looked good, but she didn't share. I got a beet salad, because I can never resist such a thing. I really liked it, but couldn't finish the disproportionate amount of beets involved, and lamented the lack of cheese.

All in all, dinner at Anella was wonderful; however we still have some unfinished business. Called Brunch.

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otedge42 said...

Let me know how that garden thing works for you. You're right...the pesto pasta was awesome. Thanks for
your hospitality!